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Dmitry Zanozin is a Boston-based passionate entrepreneur and leader in the tech industry with more than 20 years of experience in big data projects, high volume event processing, and scalable cloud services. His portfolio includes projects across various areas of the technology landscape, including e-commerce, data analytics, marketing, precision location services, and airspace. Dmitry’s hands-on experience extends beyond just consulting services, and into the technology training space.

His fulfillment
comes from sharing his knowledge and expertise with tech companies to help drive record success — and the numbers speak for themselves! Dmitry’s contributions include proven successes for his clients such as a 5-10x increase in services performance, up to a 90% reduction in services cost, and significant improvements in software quality.


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What Others SayTestimonials

I have been working with Dmitry for more than a decade as a colleague at Skyhook and later when he was helping us at Waylens as a consultant. Every single time that I worked with him, it was like being immersed in his ocean of knowledge. The way he approaches projects is very pragmatic and comes from his extensive hands-on experience. We worked on several different projects including high-volume data collection APIs, big data processing, and scalable streaming services, and every time the projects have been implemented on time and successfully. In all these projects, Dmitry was a key member of the team in analyzing the requirements, designing the system, selecting right technologies, pointing to important details, implementing the system and helping to push the solution to production. His deep analysis of requirements, pointing to small important details, and asking the right questions at the right time produce polished precise conclusions, and also create an outstanding atmosphere of collaboration.
Farshid Alizadeh-Shabdiz
Associate Professor at Boston University, MET Computer Science Dept & Chief Data Officer at Waylens Inc.
In my time working with Dmitry I was definitely impressed with his technical skill. But what made our collaboration memorable was his inventiveness and willingness to engage and “think big” on any topic. I found Dmitry to be a great partner, eager to tackle problems and to use his knowledge to elevate the technical perspective of people involved in the project.
Fernando Salazar
Sr Engineering Manager at Klaviyo & IBM Distinguished Engineer, ret.
I had the pleasure of working with Dmitry while he acted as a tech lead for Wayfair's batch notifications platform. I was particularly impressed with his work to redesign for scale, migrate off on-premises, and ultimately reimplement the critical scheduling system that underpins the sending of triple-digit millions of notifications daily. He worked across multiple infrastructure teams to set the mission, align folks on the design, and battle a variety of environmental challenges to get the project to the finish line.
Gary Malouf
Head of Engineering at Algorand
We were looking for an software engineer who had a variety of skills, including cloud based software development that could help build out a scalable service layer in AWS. We flew Dmitry in for an interview and made the offer that day. And we never regretted that decision! Dmitry is very much a multi-dimensional engineer, with his ability to think about the business side of the problem space and ensure the architecture and the software is able to meet those needs. I witnessed so much of this during our 5 years together, as he was technical lead on numerous major projects as well as being a prolific individual contributor -- from optimization of code and cost, to diving deep into cloud architecture and helping us build a truly scalable system. He participated in all aspects of the projects from application design to security to data optimization to handle hundreds of millions of daily transactions. Dmitry is, without doubt, one of my favorite engineers, would happily do it again!
Kipp Jones
Director, Product Management at Qualcomm
In the five years I worked with Dmitry, he contributed to nearly every facet of our technology. While he was essential to a wide variety of projects, perhaps his most significant contributions came in advancing our cloud architecture and revolutionizing our entire data pipeline. Dmitry took a massive legacy on-prem system that processed dozens of terabytes of data per week and led the effort to rewrite it to be not only more robust and scalable to the petabyte domain, but also hosted entirely on cloud services. He did all of this while continuing to maintain a legacy service pushed far beyond its original design. His efforts brought us unprecedented visibility into both our data and our operations, and reduced our processing time by more than 80%.
Joel Morrin
Enterprise Architect at Skyhook Wireless
I have known Dmitry for several years and he will always be at the top of my list for any complex big data projects. He has a very impressive technology stack and a deep understanding of all aspects of AWS cloud and other platforms. He manages to integrate very broad and high level thinking during project scoping and prototyping, but also pays attention to every small detail during project execution. He is a passionate technical leader who is very conscientious of project needs.
Dmitri Korzh
VP of Data and Analytics at Epicenter Experience

Dmitry's Story:Story

Dmitry’s passion for technology is not a new phenomenon, nor is it random. From his early childhood, Dmitry was exposed to technical fields including computer science, airspace, and medicine through his family’s professions. With a grandmother who was a test pilot and world champion in aerobatics, a grandfather and father both working in airspace and with early computer-age machines, it’s no surprise that Dmitry showed interest, passion, and enthusiasm in learning more about these fields.


At the age of seven, Dmitry began experimenting with the construction of flying aircraft models, and by the age of nine he was already developing software, with which he won multiple prizes at different contests. Not too long after, at age 15, he was architecting local networks in his neighborhood with a friend, which led to the development of a chat app.


Fast forward a few years and you would find him developing a warehouse management software used by several pharmaceutical companies during his early university studies. Soon after, in collaboration with leading medical institutions, he developed a tool to track and manage pharmaceutical trial results.


Dmitry graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and continued on to study for his doctorate degree over the course of the following three years. During this time, he also began working with large industry enterprises on automation, data processing, and management systems, which involved collaboration between companies in different countries, such as Boeing, Airbus, Saab, Rolls Royce, HAL, Suhoi and many others. He became an active member of the international standardization community and one of the steering committees. He worked on developing standards under the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) initiatives and was organizing conferences and giving speeches all over the world.


He later moved to the United States where he focused on big data, high volume event processing, and scalable cloud services, helping companies build state-of-the-art platforms that support their continuously growing data processing needs.


Taking the experience he had gained over the years, and pairing it with his entrepreneurial spirit, Dmitry began to develop startups, building them from the ground up. His entrepreneurial endeavors include such projects as,, and


Although he takes his passion for technology and helping others seriously, Dmitry has other interests that he makes time for in his life, like music, playing the drums in a band with his friends, and watching Formula One racing. You can also find him obsessing over space flights, rockets, satellites, and interplanetary missions.

ServicesIf You Need

Big Data, Analytics and Reporting
Cloud migration and architecture improvements: AWS, GCP
Cloud costs analysis and optimization
Infrastructure configuration management
Backend and API (REST, GraphQL)
Kubernetes, Containers
CI/CD pipelines
Workflow automation
Application development: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, Shell Script

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“Remember that collaboration of smart people can drive success to the craziest projects.”

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